A delegation of Elfi Electronics in Denmark with an exchange trip within the European EXXTRA project

Elfi Electronics in Denmark to discover the potential of satellite technologies for railway applications From 6 to 8 September in Denmark for a “group exchange” trip organized by CenSec – Center for Defense, Space & Security, as part of the EXXTRA european Project. Today we visited DTU – Technical University of Denmark, DTU Skylab and […]

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Elfi Electronics sponsor of the exhibition “The Golden Age” by the artist Federico Gori

The exhibition “The golden age (the mute)” by the artist Federico Gori, curated by Eva Degl’Innocenti and Lorenzo Madaro, was inaugurated on Friday 8 April, inside the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto – MARTA. “I have known Federico Gori for some time and I am fascinated by his artistic language, always poised between tradition and […]

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We wish everyone a Happy Easter

In these tragic hours of war we wish everyone to be able to find a minimum of serenity in the family Humanity is capable of great innovations and of facing great challenges, as it was in these years of pandemic to which we have responded in a very short time by developing the vaccines that […]

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2004 – 2022: 18th year, we are of age

Elfi Electronics turns 18 We left on February 4th 2004 in a living room at home. We have come a long way, but we still feel full of desire to do and enthusiasm. In all these years there have been many goals achieved, obstacles overcome, exciting and difficult moments. However, today we are animated by […]

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